Welcome to the High Desert Bird Club of New Mexico.  If you have pet birds, want to learn more about pet birds, or just want to socialize with other birdy people, you are in the right place. The following lists upcoming HDBC events.  All general meetings are open to the public.  Members and guests are welcome.

May 2021


Our meeting this month is cancelled due to actions and measures to prevent the spread of the COVID19 virus. 

Our meeting place, Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center, is closed from March 16, 2020 until further notice according to Bernalillo County and in accordance with the New Mexico state guidelines.    

When we can resume our regular monthly meetings is unknown.  For now, we’re still under quarantine lock down.   Meeting information will be posted here as we know more about restrictions being lifted and reopening of our meeting venue.

Thank you for understanding.  Stay safe and remain calm.  This too shall pass.

The Next General Meeting 

DVD movie night: Bill and Coo.  This movie premiered in 1948 and won a special Academy award for artistry and patience blended in a novel and entertaining use of the medium of motion pictures.

All the actors are animals and most of them are birds.  This heartwarming story is about the town of Chirpendale, its residents, and how they pull together to defeat a crow menacing their town.

The video quality is not the best, but it’s just fascinating to watch all these birds act and perform tricks to tell a story.

The Next Next General Meeting

Parrot treats competition.  Do you make or bake some special treats for your birds?  Think your recipe can win over our panel of experts on parrot treats?

For our June meeting program, everyone is encouraged to bring in samples of their choice of a parrot treat.

The panel of experts will be all the birds at the meeting.  Winners will be determined by the most eaten parrot treat.  First, second and third places can pick a prize from the HDBC prize bin.

It’s a lot of fun for our birds and people alike.


HDBC can only accept parrots, canaries, and non-native finches into our rescue.  We are not licensed or authorized to accept wild birds.  We also are not set up to accept poultry or fowl. Please go to our Bird Rescue/Wild Birds menu for links.


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